Veronica Berglyd Olsen

Salève, France outside Geneva. Photo by Veronica Berglyd Olsen

My name is Veronica Berglyd Olsen. I am a Norwegian physicist with a Ph.D. in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration from 2019, and a Master of Science in Computational Physics from 2012. Both from the University of Oslo, Norway. My theses and publications are available on the Academic Work page.

My Ph.D. was on a proof-of-concept proton plasma wakefield accelerator experiment called AWAKE, located at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. After my Ph.D. contract ended in 2017, I continued working at CERN as a Senior Fellow on the High Luminosity LHC, upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider. My contract ended in 2020, and I now work as a Senior Engineer at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, working with high-performance numerical simulations at the Department of Geo-Development.

In addition to studying and working in the field of physics, I have been involved with LGBTQ organisations as a board member, and I have written a lot on LGBTQ related topics. I have done some freelance writing on the topic, and have been published a few times in both printed and online magazines, blogs and newspapers. I have a blog on, but I don’t write a lot at the moment.

I also enjoy writing science fiction as a hobby. As a Linux user, I didn’t find any writing tools that suited my needs as a writer. I have therefore developed an open source application, called novelWriter, for writing and structuring novels. It is still in beta, but is usable, and has a handful of active users, including myself. It is based on Python and Qt5 and is designed to be multi-platform, and people use it on both Windows and Mac. The project is hosted on GitHub,

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Welcome to my new and updated profile page. I have replaced a semi-static page with a WordPress driven site, and have enabled the blog functionality. I already have two blogs, one in English and one in Norwegian, but this space will be used primarily for posting updates related to the things I work with both […]