Coding Projects

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I have been programming since I first got my hands on a friend’s Amiga 500 back in 1994. When I got my first job the year after, I bought my own Amiga 1200. I thus learned to program on Amiga, with a Basic type programming language called AMOS. I later continued with Visual Basic on Windows.

In the early 2000s I worked for several years with web development, mainly with ASP and PHP, as well as JavaScript, and with databases like MySQL, MSSQL and SQLite. When I started studying physics in 2007, I moved on to Python and later MATLAB. During my master’s and Ph.D., I worked in c++, c and Fortran, writing and running large scale simulations on supercomputers.

All in all, I have used a wide range of coding languages, and over all programming is one of the things I have enjoyed the most over the years. I still have a programming focused job, and also code as a hobby, among other things. Most of my code is publicly available on my GitHub page.

Featured Project


This is an editor designed specifically for writing novels. It is focused on the task of writing individual scenes as single documents and then organising these into chapters. It is essentially just a stripped down text editor, but it provides a tree view to organise files in a way that makes sense for a novel-type project. The code is currently under development. It is available on GitHub.