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English Texts

The Troubles with Gender

Aug 3, 2015 – Published on
Essay on some of the common misconceptions of sex and gender.

When Curiosity Kills

Jan 15, 2015 – Published on
Popular science essay on the good and bad sides to scientific progress.

Norwegian Texts


Mar 3, 2016 – Published by Samtiden
Essay about narrow definitions of, and norms surrounding, gender in our society.

Kunsten å knuse partikler

May 26, 2015 – Published on
Popular science article on the limitations of current particle collider technology.

Rett til rett kjønn

May 26, 2015 – Published on
Opinion piece on trans rights and medical care in Norway.

Et kjønn som ikke passer

Oct 19, 2014 – Published by Aftenposten
Opinion piece on gender identity.

Feminisme i transperspektiv

Apr 11, 2014 – Published by FØNIKS 1/2014, pages 22–25
Article on feminism and transgender people.